Bugs Are Insects

Topics: Natural environment Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Book Review: Informational Book Review

Bugs Are Insects- written by Anne Rockwell and illustrated by Steve Jenkins, published 2001.

This is an informational book, which is intended for children between the ages 3 to 6yrs old. The book, Bugs Are Insects, talks about insects that are found in our everyday environment. In addition, the book briefly explains the basic characteristics of the insects.

Before reading this book I would ask them: Name several insects that you are familiar with? Is the picture on the cover of the book an illustration of an insect? What are the characteristics that Make you say that their insects?

After reading the book I would ask them: How many legs do an insect have? Have you seen any of these bugs before that were talked about in the book? What kind of legs do crickets have?


I thought this book was an interesting way to introduce insects to children. The information provided is simple yet detailed enough for children to comprehend. The text is only on one side of each page, which is one of the characteristics of a preschool or kindergarten book. The text is written in big and bold letters. The illustrations used are seen as if it’s almost in 3d form. The insect pictures shown are illustrated really big. This helps children to see all the detailed features of the bugs. The book, Bugs Are Insects is a stage 1 entry-level book that is part of the "Let's-Read-and-Find-out-Science" series. The setting of the book mostly takes place outside in a grassy natural environment. This scenery is great because it’s a place where children are most likely to see these insects. Also, since the location is real and relevant to where children are likely to find insects, they can relate and find a connection with the book. Bugs Are Insects contains some of the attributes that define a good informative book. The design illustrated is not what makes the pictures fascinating, but it’s the compelling details that are used in the book....
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