Feasibility Study-Copy Center in Malolos City

Topics: Bulacan, Photocopier, Malolos City Pages: 12 (3283 words) Published: October 11, 2011

The EN6 Copy Station is named as such, because “EN6” is the course code of Business Communication in La Conslacion University Philippines and with that reason, we named the proposed business after the subject. As a challenger in the printing industry, the proposed business tends to be the leading copying station by providing high quality, affordable price and quick service to customers and by meeting the demand and consumer satisfaction. It offers different copying services that most demand services EN6 Copy Center offer has the most demand services needed by the target market such as Lamination, Scanning, Book Binding, and Desktop Publishing or Printing. The EN6 Copy Center is under Sole Proprietorship, owned and controlled by one individual. The proposed area is accessible and strategically located in Diversion Road corner Diamond and Amethyst Street, City of Malolos. It has a measurement of “5x6” meters equivalent to 30 sqm.

The data gathered from the conducted interviews and surveys were analyzed and this information reveals that there are still an existing demand for copying service.

The proposed EN6 Copy Center is being prepared by the following production process. The methods to be used here were differentiated depending on the printer to be used. Printer to be used will be determined by the volume, quality, and paper size specified by the customer.

The total cost estimated is Php 651,000.00 which will be provided by the owner. It is estimated that the project will be able to generate enough income to sustain its operation. The outcome of the business operation, which will reflect the financial condition, and cash flow of the business are presented for 5 years. The proponents are also confident that the proposed project is profitable since the financial analysis shows positive and favorable result.

With the help of the management objectives and with the right number of employees and inline job description and specification, the EN6 Copy Center would be able to stand and achieve its goals.

The proposed project will provide employment and income opportunities that will directly benefit its employees as well as their families. The government will indirectly benefited from the taxes and fees can be collected which can be used for the development of the community. The EN6 Copy Center is also concerned on how to help preserve the environment, such that they will use materials and chemicals which are environmental friendly.



This chapter will pinpoint your project’s general to specific market feasibilty topics. It represents your market and an analysis of past, present and future demand and supply situations for your particular product(s). If the conditions presented are feasible, then a look at the marketing practices of your competitors (from which guides you will decide your own marketing strategies) will be studied. Lastly, this chapter presents a summary of sales projection of your projects study’s entire duration and your project’s marketing system and forms design. (Cuyugan, 1996).

EN6 Copy Center offers basic kinds of printing services that has the most demand services needed by the college students of LCUP, CEU and BulSU. EN6 Copy Center has six services that focuses on basic printing, these are Photocopying, Risograph, Lamination, Scanning, Book Binding, and Desktop Publishing or also called Printing. The desktop publishing and photocopying were common needs of the students especially from college beacuse most of them do not have books and other references. Scanning, book-binding, ring-binding and lamination were needed by the students for their projects and activities. The services were described as follows:


The purpose of this service is...
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