Topics: Great Depression, Adolf Hitler, Utopia Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: December 24, 2013
Name: Mahmoud Allam Zeid Ali
ID : 1131349
The biggest fear is fear from myself.

The biggest fear is fear from myself.
I don’t know where I heard these words or when.
But they were engraved in my mind through out the warm up. I had to fight the fear.

this story is true and really happened with me when I drived my car for example the frist time I drived my car I cant tell my feeling in the frist time really in this time I afraid from myself if I do something wrong what was happened all I talk was happened when I had 11 years but now Iam 19 years old So here I was, better than the frist time, more trained, more experienced. I know I could win this time. Yet, in a car of my mind there was a fear – a fear that I was still not good enough, a fear of losing. And this fear kept pulling me back from doing my best. In other subject of fear we can talk about fear cant create an utopian society Fear cannot; absolutely not create an utopian society. Fear can't because a dictator would need to control fear and if you control fear the dictator can control the people. By controlling fear, the dictator would have to use threats and forces to make the citizens scared because being scared is a sign of fear and fear makes people think, feel and make us do anything. 

CONTROL. If the dictator can control fear, then they control the people. But people don’t like to be controlled. If the dictator does end up restraining the people, in the end a few people will still gather together and rebel against the dictator. That is normally the case.

 humans like to have our own way of thinking and our own path. So in the end a few people will go against the dictator and a rebellion will occur. The only person in history who has ever come close to creating a utopian society was Adolf Hitler. He was a fascist leader of Germany during the Great Depression He ruled the country through intimidation and fear. In his mind he thinks he has made an utopian society...
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