Faunia Farley - the Human Stain

Topics: Want, Luck, Human Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Faunia Farley.

Besides Coleman Silk, the major charater of The Human Stain. By my own opinion, the most interesting charatcer too.
She started off as a rich privileged kid who, at the age of 14, had been struck by the worst thing that can happen to a girl at the very edge of her puberty – having a spoiled mother who cared more about the money than for her own daughetr, Faunia had to face an abusing stepfather who found her chilish innocence and beauty too powerful sexual bate to endure. Running away at such early and immature years of her life and staying completely alone and protected only by clear sky and an empty wallet, she had been forced to put up with the worst kind of jobs and worst kind of men that could possibly be found. In her case, these jobs and men seemed to find her more quickly than she found anything else herself. Waitressing in Florida, a 17-year old Faunia is even thinking about becoming a prostitute – «for a skinny blonde with big tits, a tall, good-looking kid like her with hustle and ambition and guts, got up in miniskirt, a halter, and boots, a thousand bucks a night would be nothing» (p. 160). After a series of not-nice boyfriend who beat her up until she screamed for her life, she finnaly cought up with a neatly–looking guy, this Lester Farley, who seemed to be a guy in his place. She even dared to think her miseries were over and dream about a peaceful life with her husband and a farm on which they could build a life toghether. She was wrong. Les Farley had turned out to be the next worst thing that happened – a Vietnam vet with PTSD and a drinking problem, used her as his punching bag whenever he got drunk and mistakenly thought he was back in Nam and that she was one of the «gooks» from the jungle. Too often was she awakened by his cold hands firmly gripping her throat (p.53). But she didn't hate him, she wasn't even too scared of him, she felt sorry for him more than anything. In one of his hard alchohol episodes, she...
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