Fators of Macro Environment

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Most important factors of micro environment of business are as follows: 1. competitors, 2. customers, 3. suppliers, 4. public, 5. marketing intermediaries, 6. workers and their union! The micro environment of the organisation consists of those elements which are controllable by the management. Normally the micro environment does not affect all the companies in an industry in the same way, because the size, capacity, capability and strategies are different. For example, the raw material suppliers are giving more concessions to large sized companies. However, they may not give the same concessions to small companies. Like the same, the competitors do not mind about the rival company if it is compared to the small, but he will be very much conscious if the rival him is large. Sometimes micro environment of the various firms in an industry is almost the same. In such a case, response of these firms to their micro environment may differ as each firm will attempt to achieve a higher success level. The general micro environment factors are discussed below.

1. Competitors:
The competitive environment consists of certain basic things which every firm has to take note of. No company, howsoever large it may be, enjoys monopoly. In the original business world a company encounters various forms of competition. The most common competition which a company’s product now faces is from differentiated products of other companies. For example, in the Colour Television Market, Philips TV faces competition from other companies like Videocon, Onida, BPL and others. This type of competition is called brand competition. It is found in all durable product markets. The consumer wants to purchase a two-wheeler, the next question in his mind is with gear or without gear, 100 cc or more than that, self starter or kick starter, etc. This type is otherwise known as ‘Product form competition’. Philip Kotler is of the opinion that the best way for a company to grasp the full range of its...
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