Father Abraham

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Friendship Pages: 5 (1496 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Chapter 1

1) The definition of communication in this chapter covers all the major components from the origin of the subject matter, which is derived from a Latin word “communis. It also states that communication is not complete without transmission of common or meaningful information from one person or group of persons (sender) to another person or group of person (recipient) in a way that generates shared attitudes, values, beliefs, feelings, or behaviors between the sender and recipient. (Alban, 2012, p. 8) The strengths of this definition is that its comprises of twentieth-century theories, and also include all the major factors that makes communication complete for example; Person, message sender, message recipient, encoding and decoding of a message transmission, creating unity. The weakness of communications here is that a person or group of persons (sender) can simply misinform the (recipient) which can lead to a state of total crisis. Physical forms of communication are the most used, as everyone smiles, frown, wink, touch, salute and all forms of body movement.

2) I’m originally from Ghana west Africa, when I initially came to America I experienced a lot verbal linguistic barrier because of my accent and coming from a British colony so many of my pronunciations were quite different. They was this incident of me going to the store one day and my next door neighbor was trying to show me where to get a cab, I didn’t really understood that he was referring to a taxi. On our way the taxi driver told me he needs to stop and put some gas in his car, I was confused and said do you mean refuel your car? He said no gas, arriving at the filling station I discovered that we both meant the same thing but using different terminology. When we finally get to my destination the taxi driver told me he really likes my white pants, for a brief moment I sincerely thought he was referring to my underwear. Not until he touched it that I realized He was rather referring to my trouser, despite the fact that we both spoke English language we still encounter some verbal linguistic differences.

3) Personally I agree that this statement is not true because people do see same things, and of course sometimes different things as well. It’s totally depends on the circumstances and also their worldview, as we have a lot of factors that can enhance or hinder someone’s perspective e.g. religion, culture, education, political opinion, family values, and economic or technological circumstances. Human beings are the most unique creature of God, “Created in His image and after His likeness”. That’s why God gave and respects our free will, for the sole purpose of us finding out the truth of every circumstance that we find ourselves. People are dynamic in nature, and sometimes we will definitely have different point of view which eventual translate on how we see things.

Chapter 2

1) Truly the tongue might be small, but it’s the driving force between good (God) and evil (Satan). The Bible states that “by our words we will be justified and also by our words will be condemned” Mathew 12:37. Growing up in Accra-Ghana life was very tough for some of us who were not from a wealthy home, sometimes you have no idea where your next meal will come from. As a result of not having any food at all to eat and even some of my friends, dropped out of school to learn trade as their parents could no longer afford their school fees. At the tender age of twelve, a childhood friend of mine by name Joe committed suicide because of his step mother constantly speaking negative words to him. She was evil to Joe, always reminding him that his mother died of Aids and he also will certainly die of same illness. Every single day she keep telling Joe he will never achieve any good thing in life, Joe end up frustrated and actually believed all the negative words of his step mother to the extent of ending his life.

2) Sometimes I love wearing...
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