Fat or Not Fat??

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Social stratification Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Both the French and Haitian revolutions had similarities. There was an unfair distribution of power between social classes. limited liberties and representation, and a large gap between the rich and the poor serving as the main catalysts.

The causes for the French and Haitian revolutions were fairly uniform. An unfair distribution of power between social classes, restricted liberties and representation, and a large gap between the rich and the poor were the main catalysts for both revolutions.

Significant overall economic differences were present between Haiti and France before the revolutions occurred. France was nearly bankrupt by the time the revolution began. Wars with England and the American Revolution had been extremely costly for France. The nation was in debt and the social elite were not paying taxes to aid the dying economy. The large economic strain on France caused heavy taxation of the bottom social class. In contrast, the economy of Haiti was not a factor that fueled the revolution. The Haitian economy was thriving. Free labor from slaves created a surplus of goods.

The social class situations of Haiti and France were main causes of both revolutions. Social mobility was nearly nonexistent in both societies. The Haitian social class system was particularly stratified because it was based on race. The highest positions in the government and military were only held by Peninsulares. Peninsulares were individuals that were born in Europe and had come over to the colony to rule. Directly under the Peninsulares in the social class system were the Creoles. These individuals controlled most of the land and the business. Creoles were defined as individuals whose parents were both Peninsulares in the colonies. The next social class were the Mestizo and the Mulattees, who were half European and half Native American or African. Finally, all pure Africans or Natives were condemned to slavery. Slaves had no property, money, or rights. Most of the...
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