Hatian Revolution

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Andrea Nam
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Haitian and Mexican Revolution
September 13, 2012

Comparing the Haitian and Mexican Revolutions
The main objective of a revolution focuses on the pervasive change that it can potentially bring to the society. Throughout time, a myriad of revolutions have occurred and have successfully altered the course of history. The Haitian and Mexican Revolution clearly prove such statement. Though both revolutions had distinct goals, ideas, and reactions to post-independence, it was manifested that through both revolutions, the people of each of the countries were able to attain what they needed.

The Haitian Revolution began on August 22, 1781, with an objective of uprising against the French and European powers that wanted to conquer them. The motivations that incited the revolution consisted of the slaves wanting to reinstate their culture, planters wanting independence, the Free People of Color wanting to be recognized as citizens, and the unfair distribution of profit from plantations against the Haitians. Francois Dominique Toussaint acted as the leader of a small military group to fight against Napoleon’s intentions to conquest Haiti. In order to overcome powerful countries, such as France, England, and Spain, that wanted to claim Haiti, Toussiant played a prominent role, later allying with the French. Despite such efforts, Napoleon’s rule resulted in Touissiant’s death. However, this not only incited the rule of a former slave, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, but also incited a symbol of freedom and hope for the slaves. The Haitian revolution ended in November 28, 1803 after numerous bloody battles and brutal confrontations. Analyzing the Haitian Revolution, it left a legacy of a new-found hope for the rest of the slaves in the North American region and also showed the slave owners to be aware of the chance of further rebellions from slaves. Despite the fact that through the revolution, Haiti was able to gain the title of an...
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