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Topics: Nutrition, Mathematics, Real number Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Finding The Fat Using Mathematical Formulas
Mat126 Survey of Mathematical Methods
Instructor: Jerry Bilbrey
February 11, 2013

This country is going crazy about losing weight and weight lost products. People of all races, creed and color worry about their weight, and this ranges from male to females of all ages and all cultures. Learning what products are truly fat free can done by analyzing the fat content and protein content of the products we buy that state they are fat free and have protein to help maintain your weight. Using these three items as an example for breakfast, lunch and dinner I will find out the fat content and protein content of each product. Breakfast: Jimmy Dean Sausage Breakfast Bowl

Calories 420 Calories from Fat 270Protein 21gTotal Fat 30g

To find the fat in my breakfast, first calculate the number of fat calories by multiplying the fat grams by 9, divided that number by the total number of calories and multiply it by 100. Breakfast: 270 x 9 = 2430 (2430/420)*100 = 5.79 x 100 = 5.79 grams of fat. To find the amount of protein in my breakfast, I have to multiply the number of protein by 4, then divide that number by total number of calories and multiply it by 100% and I found out the real amount of protein in my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The work would look like this 4 x 21 = 84 (84/420)*100 = 0.2 x 100% = 1 gram of protein Lunch: Hot Pockets Turkey & Ham with Cheese

90 x 9 = 810 (810/290)*100 = 2.79 x 100% = 1gram of fat
4 x 11 = 44 (44/290)*100 = 0.15 x 100% = 0.15 grams of protein

Dinner: Red Beans & Rice
40 x 9 = 360 (360/290)*100 = 1.24 x 100% = 1.24 grams of fat 1 x 9 = 9 (9/290)*100 = 0.03 x 100% = 0.03 grams of protein

Trying to eat right and have the suggested amount of vitamins and nutrients as suggested has become a job. A consumer has to learn how to take control of their intake and not leave it up to the manufactures and hype about weight loss. Learning what products are truly fat free can...

References: Bluman, A. G. (2005). Mathematics in our world (Ashford University Custom Edition). United
States: McGraw-Hill.
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