Fast Food

Topics: Fast food, Nutrition, Fast Food Nation Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: June 19, 2013
thomas goldy
Prof. Lastrapes
English 1A
19 april, 2013
Life in the Fast Food Lane
The growth of the fast food industry over the past few decades into what it is today is an undeniable phenomenon that has occurred in an alarmingly rapid pace. The fact of the matter is it seems that a person has a very realistic chance of finding a McDonalds within a 4 mile radius of any household in the country,  it is also arguable that this is already the case for the world as well, and if not now then very soon indeed.  According to an article “Good Home Cooking--Right off the Assembly Line,” by James Bone on the Times Online Web site said, “only one-third of Americans cook meals from scratch”, meaning with fresh ingredients. Bone also reports that “Americans spend only thirty minutes cooking dinner, compared with 2-1/2 hours in the 1960s”. In his book Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser says, “one-quarter of Americans eat in a fast-food restaurant each day” (3). Why are Americans eating so much fast food? The answer is simple: they are willing to trade quality for speed. While Americans may be attracted to food that is fast and easy, they are missing some important benefits of slowing down. In fact, Americans’ obsession with fast food is hurting not only their health but also the quality of their lives. The main reason that Americans are getting take-out food and cooking prepared meals is obvious: they don’t have enough time. Bone said “in more than two-thirds of households in America, two people are working”. People with demanding work schedules have little time for food shopping and cooking. Another reason that mealtime has become so short is that many younger adults grew up in what one might call a fast-food culture. In the past fifty years, inventions such as televisions, fax machines, and computers have increased the pace of life. At the same time, microwave ovens, drive-through restaurants, and TV dinners have changed the way Americans eat. Many people now prefer to...

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