Fashion Modeling

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Pressures of Fashion Modeling

Every year we see more cases of models being unhealthy, skinnier, and dying from stress or anorexia in the news. But we also see many young girls trying to follow their steps to look like them. Is it really that easy to be part of the fashion industry? Or have they tricked us into think it’s all so effortless and fun and that having a gorgeous body will solve all your problems when it is not. The job of a fashion model is to pose in clothing and accessories and try to display them as attractively as possible so that people will want to buy these products. And what many companies or fashion designers think is that the skinnier the model is, the better it will be. I think they don’t see that they have overweight customers too, in either clothes or magazines. A recent study showed us that most of the fashion magazines we buy, like teen Vogue, Vogue or Glamour, are filled with ads with gorgeous models on them instead of having interesting information in articles that might help us in the future. The chances of becoming a super model are the same as to winning the lottery. Just imagine all the teens in the world dreaming to be the next Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss or Heidi Klum, well I bet they’re a lot but not all of them have what it takes to be part of this industry like physical qualities, determination, commitment, stamina, confidence of course and good humor. Agencies are always searching for girls they think will photograph well and those with a natural beauty. Some girls that may not be very outstanding manage to turn it on for the camera and look amazing in photographs. Many of the successful models we know had never thought about modeling until they were discovered because agents can be in a restaurant, streets, and malls just looking for the next “IT” girl. Many times not all of these agents are real. Some of these agents or agencies are run by scam artists who are only interested in taking every last cent you have. They prey on the dreams of young people in order to make themselves rich and the victims are left with nothing. Girls and their parents should be very cautious when taking these decisions because it can ruin their life. There are other ways girls can get discovered for example by contests like: Ford Models where they had held an annual competition for thirty years in different cities around the world called Supermodel of the World, where Adriana Lima one of Victoria Secret’s best model was discovered. Some other past distinguished contestants include Cindy Crawford, Chanel Iman, and Tricia Helfer, among others. Now at this point in time in which we are living, we have many motivations to be part of the fashion industry starting with media where they somehow pressure us to be perfect and even sometimes our families can have an important role in these decisions. These days, there’s a growing number of girls and boys who imagine themselves on runways or on the cover of magazines. It’s no wonder; today’s media is filled with numerous images of models selling everything. Many teens now a day think that having a model life is what they want because television shows like Americas Next Top Model teaches us that in order to be successful you need to be thin, sexy and misbehave. And well that’s what models sometimes transmit us that they have a perfect life just because they’re gorgeous, like Barbies just taken out from their box. When girls are little they have been accustomed to think that the perfect woman has the figure of a Barbie doll, even though Barbie’s measurements are almost impossible in a human body. Academics from the University of South Australia’s research concluded that the likelihood of a woman having Barbie's body shape is one in 100,000. So why are we pressured to think that the perfect and ideal women has to be sexy and thin, I know many girls who are not skinny but they have a beautiful personality that you don’t see their body or how they look. We’re...
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