Famous or Not?

Topics: The Glamorous Life, 2005 singles, Celebrity Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Would you want to be famous or just be the average teenager? Although many people say they do not want to be famous, I would love to. I would like to be famous for many different reasons. The main reasons I would want to be famous is all of the following: you would have lots of friends, get to travel around the world, be a role model, and also be a millionaire. AH, the glamorous life. Celebrities have it made. First, I think being famous would be awesome because of the money. In the business of being famous the money is outrageous. You barely have to do anything to receive millions of dollars which makes it even better. For example, you step out of a limo onto a red carpet with cameras flashing and the screaming fans reaching for your hand and boom, you just made a million dollars. What a life. It seems as if you would be living a dream. Equally important, when you are famous you are many peoples role model. Being someone’s role model is something you should take pride in. those certain people want to be just like you in every way possible. You can influence people in a positive way and help them get threw rough times. Having someone who looks up to you can make you and the other people feel good about their self. Can I just be famous now? In like manner, not only would you have money and get to be a role model, you would get to meet heaps of friends. I hate being alone and if I were famous I would never be alone. You would also not only have a small circle of friends, you would have a wide variety from all around the world. It would be grand to know almost at least a couple people from every state in every country. I am sure that famous people do. The more friends you have to better life will be. Celebrities are just living the life. In conclusion, if you were famous you would travel all around the world. The limo pulls up and your off to Paris, France, Hollywood, California, and so much more. I love to travel, especially in a limo. When you travel you get to...
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