Family Relationships

Topics: Family, Odyssey, Mesopotamia Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: April 20, 2008
There are many different family traditions and relationships based on our culture and how it was developed. We are trained to act and behave in such a manner that is “appropriate” from the time that we are born. Many of these actions are actually based on the cultures of ancient times. Some of our everyday traditions come from these cultures, along with our actions and behavior within our families. A few of these countries are Babylonia, Greece, and India. I have found one story from each country or culture, to show examples of families relationships and there importance to those affected by them. These three stories are Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, and The Ramayana.

In the ancient country of Babylonia, there are a few things that have affected today’s world greatly. In western society some aspects of modern family relationships can be traced to ancient Babylonia. Ideas such as the wedding, marriage, and divorce began developing then. Something that began thousands of years ago is still in effect today. The unity of two people, along with the separation of those same two people, displays many different levels of compassion or lack of in relationships. Marriage is the first step in many families, joining two people together to start a family of many values, conditions and important relationships.

In the story of Gilgamesh, there is a very unique relationship portrayed. This relationship is between Gilgamesh, viewed as a bad ruler: arrogant, oppressive and brutal (volume A pg 11) and Enkidu, a man made by the goddesses to be equal to Gilgamesh. Although they are not what we would call a family, they become like brothers. Through the travels and adventures made by the two of them they need to learn to adapt to one another and face everything that comes at them together. Faced with adversity, they needed to learn that they are opposite in some ways and to use that to their advantage. At first they almost fight, and Gilgamesh prevails, but then become very close,...
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