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Genogram: The “Samsa” Family


Martha’s Relationship with Rashid
Martha’s connection to Rashid was very strong. Martha and Rashid were happily married and very much in love with each other. Martha and Rashid have two children named Tony who is 15, and Marie who is 13 both born in Canada. Martha was born in Ontario but moved to British Columbia when she married Rashid. Martha met Rashid during her high school years. Martha and Rashid were married in a Roman Catholic Church. However Rashid was from a different religious view, which was of Moslem Faith. After the Roman Catholic marriage, Martha agreed to marry Rashid in Pakistan as well and had a Moslem Ceremony. After marriage Martha and Rashid tried to have babies but it was incredibly hard for Martha to get pregnant. Eventually Martha finally became pregnant at the age of 28 and gave birth to her first born, Tony. Two years later she became pregnant again and gave birth to her second child, Marie. Martha stated that, “Her husband was a loving, caring man, who always made sure she was taken care of.” With this being said it is obvious that the relationship was healthy and normal and that there was a strong connection between the two.

Martha’s Relationship with Tony
Martha and Tony relationship is tense. Tony is angry with his mother for several reasons. Tony is extremely angry towards Martha because of the incarceration and the shame that she brought upon their family. Tony is embarrassed that his mother is in prison for trafficking drugs. In Tony’s opinion they should have kept her incarceration a secret and that him and his sister Marie could of helped to have their mother release. However, news got out about Tony’s mother and Tony got into a fistfight because of the horrible remarks made towards his mother at school. Another reason why Tony has a tense relationship with his mother is because she gave her parental rights to Federico Quintana to watch over him and his sister...
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