Family and Respectful Young Man

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Essay 15.2 – What do you think is the best part of being a grandparent?  Why? 15.2
I myself, am not a grandparent so I can not say I know from experience the best parts of being a grandmother. I know my mother is always saying if I think I love my son, wait until he has children. It Is like having a child other than you only have to have them when they are in a good mood or when you want to have them. Atleast, that’s what I hear.

The best part would probably be having someone you love so much yet they arent your full responsibility. You helped create them yet, you do not have to go through the troubles of having them or fully providing them. And the main thing is, when they start crying and need changing, you can hand them right back to their parents.

Essay 16.2 – What do you want to be most remembered for after you die? 16.2
My friend Joseph died a year ago in a week, and he was not forgotten. He lives on through the changes he helped made, and good person he was. He helped change lives along with showing what a respectful young man was. When I die I only hope I can have the response that he did.

Hopefully, when I die I am remembered for being a fantastic mother, friend, and family member. All I ask for is to be remembered as a good person who helped others. But I know, in order to be remembered as that person, I have to be that person while I can. And I will try my best, and do as much as I can not taking life for granted.
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