Family and Fiona

Topics: Family, Melanie Fiona Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: January 19, 2010
Mpho has been hospitalized for 2 days and has not yet heard from her mother (Fiona). She is hesitant to call her as she feels she might be disturbing her in some way. She finally gets the courage to do so and Fiona tells her she is still busy taking care of more important things. Mpho then realize she has to get off the obsession of trying to live for her mother and doing what is supposed to keep her happy. She had to break the chain which seems to have been going on for decades from her mother’s side of the family. She decides not to grow up and be like her mother (Fiona).Fiona is power hungry and does not care what she does or whom she hurts to get to where she wants to be. Even with what she has accumulated she still wants more. She thinks money is all that matters in one’s life. She is too obsessed with making more money. BACKGROUND

Fiona grew up being neglected by her own mother (Angela). Angela was now married to a wealthy and prestigious man and her daughter Fiona was from another man who left her heart broken and with a daughter to fend for. Angela only put her energies and love to the daughter she conceived with the wealthy husband and never cared what Fiona did or did not do. Fiona grew up wanting to be as wealthy as her step father or even worse as she realized she was treated the way she was because of her not so wealthy father. Fiona worked hard to build herself an empire which she loved so much and didn’t let anyone or anything to stand on her way of climbing higher the ladder. She met a promising husband in the sense that he had a good job and some ideas for a big company in the future. They had a daughter together. When Mpho was 2 years old her father got seriously ill and he lost his job. He had to spend so much money to cover his medical bills and with time he had little left to his name. Fiona could not stand a man...
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