Conflicts: Conflict and Ni Kans Mother

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Conflicts in Everyday Use ​The main conflict in the story Everyday Use is that Dee wants the quilt to show off with her friends, but her mother to give the quilt to Maggie, because she thinks Maggie will “use” it every day, and not just to show off their heritage every day. Another conflict was that Dee considered herself to be more worldly and educated and that the everyday things should be hanged up and admired as antiques. The basic conflict is based on the difference of values between Dee and her mother. Her mother rejected Dee’s superficial values; Dee thinks her mother is too conservative and old fashioned. Dee didn’t take her African culture seriously, while her mother shows great respect. Conflict in Two Kinds ​The conflict in this story was when Ni Kan’s mother tries to discover her special talents. It began with her getting a perm so she could be the next Shirley Temple. Ni Kan’s self-esteem seems to falter as she is constantly disappointing her mother over and over again. Her mother’s determination is sparked by talking to her aunt. Ni Kans mother wanted her daughter to be like auntie lindo’s daughter. Ni kans mother also made it seem as though her daughter was so talented, forcing Ni kan to perform at a piano recital, which didn’t go as planned. Conflict in the Things They Carried The conflict in the story the things They Carried, were the men having to deal with the loss of their own men and the guilt that comes from killing and watching others die. Lieutenant Jimmy Cross’s love for Martha also caused him to lose focus on his duties in the war. The things he carried with him conflicted with war and responsibility. Conflict in Story of an hour ​The conflict was entirely expressed through the thoughts of Mrs....
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