Family and Education

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Family and Education
So many times we use the school systems to educate our children solely. That is what it’s there for, right? We need to use them but, as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc to children, we need to step up and educate at home also. We can’t leave the burden of educating on a teacher that already has their hands full with 20+ students.

Children are to be well-rounded adults by the time they are 18 years old or at least by 22 year old, when they graduate from college. Well, that all comes with what they were taught at school but also at home. Children learn by watching what we all do and how we handle situations in life. They listen to everything we say, even though we don’t realize it. So many times children will say something and we will not realize how much of an impact we have had on them in that situation.

At home, parents are the first teachers children have. Parents will always have a major impact on the way children see the world and react to it. Parents teach the child how to do things so simple as to suck on a bottle for their meals as first born babies, to holding out their hands if they want something. How parents respond to their child’s cry determines how the child learns also. For instance, if a child cries for a bottle, then they know the parent will give it to them. If they need a diaper change, they cry a different way, more upset and uncomfortable. This is how learning early on starts, all by perception. As the child grows, they learn even more on what to do or how to act to get their parents attention. Children study their parents and learn what to do and what not to do. Even as teenagers, they have learned what to say around their parents in order to get the outcome they are seeking. Why shouldn’t parents educate at home? This is not meant to be about homeschooling by no means, this is about being a parent and not brushing children off onto the school system. Educating a child is not only the schools...

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