Fallon Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Target market, Target Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: August 8, 2013

1. Fallon Worldwide streesses its creativity as shown by the comments from the Fallon people in the case. (a. ) In what ways do the citi and Holiday Inn Express campains reflect their creativity? (b.) What ere the sources of the ideas in two campaings?

A. Fallon worldwide showed their creativity by creating a funny and engaging campaign which makes a genuine human connection with the audience to be able to invite and attract consumers to participate in their message.

B. In Citibank, the sources of ideas in their campaign came from the problem of their company itself and the data they have gathered from the qualitative and quantitative research that have they conducted. In Holiday Inn Express, the sources of ideas in their campaign also came from the problem of their company itself and from the Fallon’s first step of identifying the target market of Holiday Inn express inorder to formulate a solution and idea for thetype of campaign that they will be doing. Fallon also conducted an extensive research to understand the psychological profile of users of that type of hotel and the motivation from their lodging choices.

2. In the Citi and Holiday Inn Express campaigns what were (a.) the target markets and (b.) each brand’s positioning?

A. In Citibank, their target market are the” balance seekers” consumers. In the Holiday Inn Express, their target market are the “road warriors” which focuses on a specific group of travelers who seldom made reservation, in that case it was the males 25-54 years old that tend to travel by car when doing business.

B. The Citi campaign utilized billboards and wall advertising, bus shelter kiosks, magazines and television as part or their Brand Positioning. On the other hand, Holiday Inn Express uses television advertisement which is ran only on cable network such as CNN, ESPN and Fox Sports.

3. Compare the media used for the Citi and the Holiday Inn...
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