Fair Market Price

Topics: Defamation, Fraud, Want Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: February 24, 2014

While auditing my client, I found that the price the company has been paying for their widgets doubled in a year's time. In addition, they are now being purchased entirely from a new vendor. After I check the fair market price for these widgets, however, it appears that they are only worth half of what the company is paying. This is one of the red flags for fraud.

As an auditor it is my job to ensure to the best of my ability that the financial statements are not materially misstated due to fraud. In order to prove a fraud has occurred, the auditor has to do more than just show that money was lost, taken, or financial data misstated. They have to prove that there was intent. This involves more than just a investigation into the books and the numbers. This process is referred to as fraud examination. Many people in this line of work are both CPA's and CFE's. They must have understanding of criminology, investigative techniques, and the law in addition to tradition accounting knowledge. As an investigator, it is not uncommon to be accused of various wrongdoing yourself during the investigation process. This includes but is not limited to invasion of privacy, libel and slander, and public disclosures of facts. This makes knowledge of the criminal side and investigative techniques even more valuable because the fraud examiner must sometimes defend him/herself. For this reason, a fraud examiner always assumes at the start of an investigation that at the end it will result in litigation. There is an accepted approach for these types of investigations called the fraud theory approach. It contains four sequential steps.

The first of these steps is analyzing the data. In the case of our suspicious widgets, we would gather all the appropriate documentation related to those transactions. Then, we would conduct ratio analysis and perform audit tests.

The second of the four steps is to develop a fraud theory. In our example, the most likely situations are that someone...
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