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Impartial Fulfillment
of Project in
Science IV
“Gate Pass”

Submitted to:
Ms. Anamarie E. Garcia

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IV - Saint Luke
S.Y. 2012 - 2013


The center of this is all about “Gate Pass”. The gate pass module is a brief one but an important module which keeps the record of all those entering or leaving the gates of the school. The school gate pass is picked up by a student to the office, gate pass is use to get his/her self home without any questioned. The gate pass slip authorized the student to leave school. It will allow children to leave as long as the gate pass slip is fully signed by the school personnel and has a valid reason. Student use gate pass for some important matter or maybe they are ill but some students use


The main concept of this study is to know the importance of gate pass in school or of any institution as a whole for the safety and welfare of the students, the staff and employees. This research is also conducted in order to determine the numbers of students who are getting a gate pass and what security measure implemented to enhance the gate pass system is more suitable to student.

A. Research Design:
In this study we use descriptive method to determine the actual numbers of students getting gate pass, the reason of getting such pass, the advantage and disadvantage of having this kind of method for the welfare and well being of the student’s for descriptive survey method is involves in collecting numerical data to answer questions concerning present status through student interview or first hand observation.

B. Locale of the study:
To get the average number of students who are getting gate pass, our group conducted a research and asked question within the school premises of our school, School of Our Lady of Atocha (SOLA) located at Brgy. Magsaysay, Alicia, Isabela for the calendar year 2012- 2013 inclusive.

C. Data Gathering Procedure...
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