Factors Associated with Appraisal of Expatriate Managerial Performance

Topics: Management, Business ethics, Money Pages: 8 (1587 words) Published: January 9, 2013

Read the questions carefully and choose the correct answer from the list lettered a-d Answer ALL questions within the time given.
1, Storage delivery and preparation of invoices to cover goods on transit are all factors to consider when deciding on(a) channel of distribution(b) channel of packaging(c)channel of advertisement(d)channel of inventory taking

2, which one of the following is not an aspect of communication?

(a) Information gathering(b)medium of instruction(c)delivery of goods (d)transmission line

3, which of the following is not a barrier to effective communication?

(a)Noise (b) Anger (c) Shouting (d) listening

4, There is\are…….main components of financial statement of a business company

(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4

5, Records are kept by a manager in a business operation

(a) Made show (b) remind the manager of previous activity undertaken (c) remind them of

What the business is doing (d) remind the manager that he owns a business.

6, Asking questions, making observations to find out about how much people need a

Particular product or service in the community is termed.
(a) Market learning (b) market research(c) market supply (d) market progress

7, Money can be describe as a
(a) Written order to a bank to facilitate transaction (b) cheque for payment(c) medium of exchange that is used to pay for goods and services (d) a medium that is used to by banks only to pay debt.

8, Cash goes out of a business when……………

(a) Payment is made for input purchased (b) credit is given for goods and services (C) good and services are inspected

9 When producers determine what the public want and provide then this is known as

(a) Customers understanding (b) customers provision(c) customer (d) customer satisfaction.

10, what is credit purchase given by a company?
(a)It is about item purchased and paid for (b) it is about inputs purchases by Company for production (c) It is means by which good purchased by customers are paid for at a later date (d) It is a means by which discount is given to customer. 11, Real stock taking requires

(a) counting the goods in stock(b)labeling the goods in stock(c)numbering the goods in stock(d)balance brought forward

12, Stock out is a term that means the quantity of items that (a)Has come into the business (b) has been out(c) will be taken out (d) have run out of stock. 13, Source of market research information may include all the following categories of people except. (a) Tax collector (b) trade association(c) good promoters (d) trade competitor

14, one important means that is used in business to attract customers to buy a product or service is (a) Sales promotion (b) customers satisfaction(c) sales survey (d) sales research

15, car repair service falls under
(a) Micro enterprise (b) small business(c) heavy business enterprise (d) medium enterprise

16, planning the week’s activities in advance is
(a) Sound time management (b) unnecessary because the week has not come(c)unhealthy business practice(d)odd behavior.

17, which of the following is barrier to effective communication? (a)Noise (b) Anger (c) shouting (d) listening

18, what advantage is there for time management?
(a)There are much free time (b) Time cannot be...
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