Facebook Stalkers

Topics: Stalking, Distraction, Like Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Gabriel Montelongo
Mr. Segura
English 1301.001
18, February 2013

The Book of All Evil

There is no denying that social networking is at its finest. With over 1 billion users, Facebook has pushed itself into part of everyday lives. However, Facebook isn’t all flowers and butterflies. A website that stalkers use to rub one off to whoever they stalk, should not be perceived as a good thing. Neither should it be considered a good thing when a college student tries to write his essay, and keeps getting distracted by notifications. Facebook is a tool used for stalking, addiction, but worst of all, procrastination.

One of the scariest thing about Facebook is the stalkers. Facebook has made stalking easier with the use of one of its features called “Lists”. Basically what this feature does is it allows the user to single out anyone in the friends list, and stalk anyone that has been added. The stalker can even single out what kind of updates a person has; such as photos, posts, and recent locations visited. People that use Facebook should think twice about what they share with the world. On the bright-side, Facebook does allow the ability to block stalkers, but it is rendered useless if the stalker decides to fake a new account. If anyone out there has an interest in stalking, Facebook would be the first place they would look.

When awkward, socially-undeveloped, cave-dwellers want to make friends, they use Facebook. They proceed to add pretty, young women, in hopes that they get a chance to be with them. However, that almost never happens, so these people then become angry and delusional. This is how stalkers tend to form over Facebook. These stalkers then proceed to...
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