Facebook Addiction

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Chapter I

Facebook has become so much a part of our life now that it’s so prevalent across the world. With close to a billion users out there, one can easily throw a stone and hit a Facebook user. The amount of time users engage in Facebook activities, like updating statuses, posting photos, commenting and ‘liking’ posts has also been increasing with smartphones and 3G/Wi-fi networks becoming commonplace in recent years. Some people also find the time to enjoy some of the other fun entertainment offered on Facebook. As Facebook has become as ubiquitous as television in our everyday lives, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to know if they are addicted to social media.

Social network is a social structure made up of a set of actors (such as individuals or organizations) and the dyadic ties between these actors. The social network perspective provides a clear way of analyzing the structure of whole social entities the study of these structures uses social network analysis to identify local and global patterns, locate influential entities, and examine network dynamics.

The use of Facebook has increased rapidly. We are dealing with a subdivision of Internet addiction connected to social media, It occurs more regularly among younger than older users. We have also found that people who are anxious and socially insecure use Facebook more than those with lower scores on those traits, probably because those who are anxious find it easier to communicate via social media than face-to-face (Andreassen, 2012)

Facebook addiction have a larger percentage in our days, we have a issue to other social medias.And much more young or teens users which have a high effect in their life and more in their life stage they have been hooked up to social networking like facebook cause there communicating to their friends.

"Self-disclosure is extra rewarding. People were even willing to forgo money in order to talk about themselves."(Tamir) Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on which side of the disclosure you're on, the internet offers almost limitless ways to talk about yourself 24-7. It's basically one giant game of, "But enough about me, let's talk about you.

“These become obvious when one is restricted from using Facebook because they have to participate in normal everyday activities. Common signs are anxiety, distress and the need to talk about Facebook and what might have been posted on their wall in their absence,” (Summers, 2011)

People find themselves spending anywhere from a few minutes a day to several hours a day on Facebook discovering what others have posted, taking part in conversations and posting on interesting subjects.

Facebook as a new phenomenon is here to stay, however, a lot of care needs to be taken in the use of it in people's everyday lives. Facebook has negative effects on a person's life which cannot be taken lightly. EXPLAIN HOW DO ALL RELATED ISSUES AND CONCERNS REGARDING SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES HAVE PROMPTED YOU TO CONDUCT THE STUDY. Theoretical Framework

This study will be anchored on the Power of Social Network Theory.

The Power of Social Network Theory stems from its difference from traditional sociological studies, which assume that it is the attributes of individual actors -- whether they are friendly or unfriendly, smart or dumb, that matter.

Social network theory produces an alternate view, where the attributes of individuals etc. -- are less important than their relationships and ties with other actors within the network. This approach has turned out to be useful for explaining many real-world phenomena, but leaves less room for individual agency, the ability for individuals to influence their success, so much of it rests within the structure of their network.( Wade,2005)

Social network theory views social relationships in terms of nodes and ties. Nodes are the individual actors within the networks, and ties are the...
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