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Eye Colour

By SarahFrances1 Sep 02, 2013 376 Words
Eye Colour
I will be calculating 25 children’s eye colour I will put my result in a table and then calculate the mean, mode, median and range I will also calculate the percentages as well once this is done I will then do two charts of my findings then evaluate what I have done.

Number of children| Hazel| Blue| Brown |
1| | √| |
2| | √| |
3| √| | |
4| | | √|
5| | √| |
6| | √| |
7| | | √|
8| | | √|
9| | | √|
10| | √| |
11| | | √|
12| | | √|
13| | | √|
14| | √| |
15| | | √|
16| | | √|
17| | | √|
18| | | √|
19| | | √|
20| | | √|
21| | √| |
22| | | √|
23| | √| |
24| | | √|
25| | | √|

My Calculations
I am now going to calculate the Mean by adding each eye colour then dividing it by the amount of children. Mean
1 Hazel / 25 = 0.04
8 Blue / 25 = 0.32
16 Brown / 25 = 0.64
I will now calculate the mode which is the colour that appears the most. Brown is the eye colour that appears the most.
The Mode is Brown
1 Hazel
8 Blue
16 Brown
Now I will calculate the Median which I will find out by putting the eye colour in order then find the middle value. Hazel Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown

The Median is Brown

I am now going to work out the Range which is finding the difference between the largest and smallest. 1= Hazel (smallest)
8 = Blue
16 = Brown (largest)

The Range is 15
It is now time to work out the Percentages which is I will have to work out for each eye colour. Hazel 100x1/25=4%
Blue 100x8/25= 32%
Brown 100x16/25= 64%

I will now show my calculation in two charts and then see what my findings show.

Here is a Chart to show the amount of children for each eye colour

Figure [ 1 ]

Here is another chart to show the amount of children for each eye colour.

Figure [ 2 ]

I found that in my calculation there were 4% of children who had hazel eyes and 64% with brown eyes so basically from all my evidence that I have shown you the most popular eye colour from my 25 children is Brown Eyes.

By Sarah Hibbert

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