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Topics: Salman Rushdie, Prem Chopra, My Name Is Pages: 4 (749 words) Published: January 12, 2011
1.)"Dressed to kill" (well-dressed girl)
2.)"I wish to have wings, I want to fly" (based on SOP)
3.)All that glitters is not gold
4.)Archipalago (was out of the blue, but after this my interview revolved around islands) 5.)Coincidence (Coz there were too many Varuns and Vikas in the GD group. Infact interview started with this question. My answer was Sir may be we have been arranged alphabetically to which he responded or may be its just a coincidence) 6.)'Govinda aala re' (name govinda)

7.)"Roll up you sleeves" (phrase from my SOP)
8.)Household male
10.)One In Hand Two In Bush (Cos I got placement offers from 2 companies) 11.)Rouble (was on Russian project)
12.)Salman Rushdie (had questions about his books in the interview) 13.)Slumdog Millionaire
14.)The properties of sun
15.)To win a rat race you need to be a cat
16.)everyone cannot be a moon(my surname)
18.)India United and india divided
19.)journey is more important than the destination (nothing related) 20.)Heir apparent
21.)Honesty is NOT the best policy (both against and then for the topic) 22.)India and China
23.)Iskon (somewhat related to my name)
24.)bubbles in the air
25.)Art of Living (unrelated)
26.)Rural Sector (Related to SOP)
27.)women should remain at home (for the topic)
28.)Politics as a career
29.)Global warming
30.)Dressed to kill (was asked last year also)
31.)Sensitive people donot succeed in life
33.)E governance
34.)Being last to be interviewed has its advantages
35.)My favorite season.
36.)Powerful minds devise powerful strategies
37.)Journey is more important than destination
38.)Prem Chopra (guy with surname Chopra)
39.)The best Auto-biography you have ever read (Based on my Hobby) 40.)The Mouse

41.)Gandhian Engineering (I spoke about this in GD)
42.)Miles to go before I sleep
44.)My dream girl
45.)the center of the Universe
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