Expression of Interest (EOI) Consulting Firms

Topics: Management consulting, Proposal Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Expression of Interest (EOI) Consulting Firms Project Number Project Name Project Country I.Consulting Firm Information CMS NumberCountry of IncorporationConsultant NameAcronym Associations (Joint Venture or Subconsultancy) CMS NumberConsultantAcronymCountryJoint VentureEOI Submission Authorized ByPosition Present the rationale for and benefits of working in association with others rather than undertaking the assignment independently (as appropriate). Describe the proposed management and coordination approach of the association and the role of each firm. I confirm that Documentation regarding our corporate structure including beneficial ownership has been attached into ADBs CMS. Documentation regarding our Board of Directors has been attached into ADBs CMS. A written agreement to associate for the purpose of this Expression of Interest has been signed between the consortium partners. ADB reserves the right to reject the proposal of an association if member(s) of the association is changed/dropped without valid reason after the association has been shortlisted. However, should valid reasons exist (e.g. associate partner was sanctioned by ADB or other MDBs, associate partner went out of business, etc.), satisfactory evidence in support of such reasons should be sent to ADB for consideration. II.Assignment Specific Qualifications and Experience Your EOI shall demonstrate technical competence and geographical experience based on project references entered in Full registration under your CMS profile. We encourage you to update Project Information under your CMS registration prior to filling EOI. Technical Competence Cross-referencing the selected from your CMS profile projects, highlight the technical qualifications of your entity/consortium in undertaking similar assignments. Provide details of past experience working with similar project authorities. Geographical Experience Cross-referencing the selected from your CMS profile projects,...
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