Export Promotion Council

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Export Promotion Council: the govt. has sponsored a no. of orgn which are specialized in a particular pdt or a grp of pdts & their main obj is to promote & strengthen exports of such pdt or grp of pdts. They are mainly concern with the problems with their export & implementation of export policy in this regard. The imp among them are the EPC’s & commodity board. With a view to securing active cooperation of growers, producers & exporters in the drive for export promotion, a no of export promotion council has been set up as a non-profit org’s under the Companies Act. All the exporters of pdts coming under the council are entitled to become the members of the council if they wish to claim export incentive & assistance provided by the council as per govt policy in force. The govt provides grants under various heads of these councils. Members are charged an annual subscription fee for the service rendered by the council. The members of the council elect a working committee when it elects its chairman & other office bearer. All problems & policies relating to the exports of the pdts coming under the council are discussed by the working committee & the necessary action taken. The govt also appoints senior officials to act on working committee & guide its deliberations. (i) to assist exporter, (ii) export promotional activities, (iii) delegations of foreign countries, (iv) effective liaison, (v) presenting necessary data to the govt, (vi) foreign offices to help exporters. Thus, the EPC looks after the problems of exports in specific commodities & advice the govt, the local authorities & public bodies on the policies to be pursued and the steps to be taken to expand the export activities.

Economic Integration: refers to trade unification between different states by the partial or full abolishing of customs tariffs on trade taking place within the borders of each state. This is meant in turn to lead to lower prices for

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