explosives and air bags

Topics: Chemical reaction, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: May 29, 2014

a) Explosion reactions occur so quickly and are hard to control. Also explosion reactions usually release large amounts of heat and hot gases. Other reactions can be controlled by factors like temperature and concentration, but explosion reactions are hard to control. b) A certain amount of explosives is put in the end of the tube and then the cannonball is put on top. Then a match or lighter is used to ignite the explosives as the fire reacts with the explosives it blasts the cannon ball to the target.

c) The reaction between gases and fire are useful for cooking. A harmful explosion reaction would be a nuclear explosion or guns.

d) They are likely to be exothermic because the release heat and gases and exothermic reactions release energy.

e) When the Mont Blanc and the Imo collided they released energy which was in the form of sparks the sparks then reacted with the benzene and the benzene reacted with the explosives resulting in that huge explosion.

f) Try to make the reaction endothermic instead of exothermic.

g) Reaction 1: decomposition Reaction 2: single displacement Reaction 3: Synthesis

h) It is incorporated because it reacts very quickly with sodium and releases sodium oxide.

1. It must produce heat when it reacts, it must produce gases as products, it must react very quickly, and it must be stable enough so that it can be exploded in controlled manner.

2. There can be a factor such as concentration or temperature that affects the rate of the reaction tremendously so it results in an explosion 3. When the car hits something hard the NaN3 pellet is triggered and it decomposes to form sodium, nitrogen, and heat. The pellet also contains iron(111)oxide which immediately consumes the sodium creating sodium oxide plus iron, then the sodium oxide reacts with the atmospheric carbon dioxide and water to release sodium hydrogen carbonate which in less than a second fills the air bag or explodes in the air bag...
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