Exploratory Research Techniques

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Exploratory research
• Exploratory research is most commonly unstructured, “informal” research that is undertaken to gain background information about the general nature of the research problem. • Exploratory research is usually conducted when the researcher does not know much about the problem and needs additional information or desires new or more recent information.


When to use Exploratory Research
Exploratory research is used  To gain background information  To define terms and variables  To clarify problems  To establish research priorities  To understand strategic options


Techniques for Exploration
Focus Groups Secondary Data Analysis Experience Surveys Projective Techniques Word association
Sentence Completion Storytelling…etc.


Techniques for Exploration
Focus Group
A group of 6-10 people who discuss a subject under the direction of a moderator. Focus group interviews are not a question-and-answer session, rather the group members discuss a topic in some detail in an open and detailed way. 4

Techniques for Exploration
Use of Focus Group
• • • • A good source of marketing problem exploration Spark new product ideas Identify new themes A good technique to conduct SWOT


Techniques for Exploration
Advantages of Focus Group
- Flexible,
- Brief - Easy to execute

- Quickly analyzed
- Inexpensive - useful insights can be gained which normally wouldn’t come out in a survey 6

Techniques for Exploration
Disadvantages of Focus Group
- Small discussion group is not “representative” - One or a few individuals may dominate the

- Confusion & unwanted argument may arise


Techniques for Exploration
Secondary Data Analysis –
Conceptual literature Trade literature Published statistics

Example: Analysis of case Benchmarking


Techniques for Exploration
Experience Surveys –
Conversation or interviews with knowledgeable persons and experts, inside or outside the organization,...
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