Exploitation of Models
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Oh, the fashion industry. The glamorous life of a fashion model. Who wouldn’t enjoy traveling worldwide, getting paid for posing and looking fabulous, meeting and receiving gifts from world famous fashion designers? While this all sounds amazing at first, people seldom know what is beyond the pictures, shows and glamour. The real danger is what occurs behind the scenes of the modeling business. There is a dark side to the fashion modeling industry which involves the exploitation of young models. There are cases of overworking models beyond the point of exhaustion. There have also been reports of drug abuse and malnutrition due to the stress and pressures models are put through. Another unfortunate case here is the sexual exploitation, by photographers, of young models with little guidance from their agents. All of these forms of abuse and exploitation of models in the fashion industry are physically and mentally damaging fashion models. Laws must be made in for the protection, health, and wellbeing of all fashion models in America. 13 photo shoots in two days, flying from one country to another in a little less than a day, and getting very little time in between to eat or sleep. This is the typical work schedule of a young fashion model. Their days are filled with several photo-shoots, castings, and shows that they are left with almost no time to be human. These models are expected to work ridiculous hours with no breaks. They are also expected to work without complaining about being tired or hungry – they are overworked beyond the point of exhaustion. There have been guidelines released by The Council of Fashion Designers of America, which state that models under the age of 18 shouldn’t work after midnight. However, since these are only guidelines, they are seldom followed. Several fashion designers have kept their models working way beyond midnight. An example is Marc Jacobs, who has kept one of his 17 year old models working until 4:30 in the morning

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