Explain the Methods Taken by Stalin to Transform the Soviet Union in the Period 1924-1939

Topics: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Great Purge Pages: 4 (1491 words) Published: August 26, 2013
‘’Explain the methods taken by Stalin to transform the Soviet Union in the period 1924-1939’’

Commencing from the year 1924 and ending in 1939, Stalin undertook many methods to change the Soviet Union socially and economically. Socially, he developed a ‘cult of personality’, which portrayed Stalin as an all knowing and powerful figure, consequently ensuring his position as leader of the communist party and justifying many of his policies and actions. However, to maintain his position as dictator of the Soviet Union he deployed many atrocious methods, mainly repression of the people. Methods he undertook were; institutionalised terror which found expression in the purges, thus introducing the idea of ‘class enemies’ or ‘class war’. Through purges Stalin transformed the social fabric of the USSR by eliminating his main political enemies. As the unchallenged dictator and controller of state, Stalin also abandoned many policies including the NEP and in its place introduced collectivisation in agriculture, which would in turn fund rapid industrialisation. These policies helped, to an extent, transform the Russian society from a majority peasant populous to one striving in industrial and economic wealth.

A way in which Stalin hoped to achieve economic self-sufficiency and improve standards of living in the Soviet Union was through the Five Year Plan. The aim of the five-year plan was to push forward the industrialisation of the Soviet Union. This plan was believed to eliminate waste and concentrate upon vital areas of the economy. In Stalin’s mind the only way to create ‘ communism within one country’ was through an industrialised Russia, he also believed that the USSR was 100 years behind many capitalist countries and the only way to transform Russia into a key player in the global market was through industrialisation. His chief aim was to expand industrial production, with an increase in agricultural production by 130% and an industrial gross output 236%...
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