What Methods Did Stalin Use to Control the Soviet Union?

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What methods did Stalin use to control the Soviet Union?

There are several methods Stalin had introduced to obtain control over the Soviet Union by directing individual policies and techniques into a particular group.
Early on the time Stalin had seized power over Russia, he had immediately brought out his version of the cult of personality. It was also referred as the 'cult of Stalin'. As a technique it was brought out to push the glorification of Stalin into every corner of the work place, street and home with posters and leaflets parading on Stalin's success and undeniable leadership. This idea of propaganda had helped manipulate fellow Russians to believe that Stalin was somehow god-like due to his superior rank.
Education and censorship were strictly controlled and played an important role in part of Stalin's key features of control. Books were rewritten, censored and introduced to teach everyone the ideas of Stalin in schools. Stalin had also had all the history of the old communists erased from education books and reprinted to modified version that gave him more of an elevated role in the textbooks. Political youth groups were also introduced to train children in socialism along with various activities such as sports and camps. This ultimately gave Stalin control over the young generation of the Soviet Union, as they were lead to believe in what was taught to them.
Another method that was carried out was based around the arts and the sciences. Writers and artists were regarded dangerous to Stalin and so they were forced to produce work that suited Stalin and the soviet workers. This method was known as 'socialist realists'. However, any other work that was produced in which criticized soviet rule, painters or writers would find them selves in harsh labor camps. The sciences was particularly paid much attention to by Stalin for he felt improvements in technology and production in nuclear weapons would help industrialize Russia and grow as a nation.

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