Explain the importance of the ending in "The Unexpected" and one other story in this collection.

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Marriage Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: January 4, 2014
1. Explain the importance of the ending in "The Unexpected" and one other story in this collection. Third essay
The ending paragraph of the short story “The Unexpected” is the most important paragraph in this short story. It’s in this paragraph that makes the reader find out the surprising final twist of the story, persuading them to ponder about relationships and female independence (in 18th century for the modern day readers). Correspondingly, in another short story of the same collection 19th century short stories, “News of the Engagement” has an equally important ending. The writer in “news of the Engagement” ends the story by making his readers emotional by using emotive language.

Kate chopin in his short story “The unexpected” keeps the plot of his story very unpredictable throughout the story. He first portrays Dorothea and Randall to be great lovers. This can be seen in the first paragraph of the story where the writer says ‘The parting was bitter…’. This continues until the last paragraph where Randall, despite being very sick offers Dorothea to marry him because she could inherit his wealth if he dies. however, It’s in the final paragraph that the readers get the message of the writer, which makes this paragraph very important and conclusive. The massage the writer wants to give his readers is that in those days women were becoming more independent and less reliable on men. They could make their own choices of getting married with the person of their choice rather then being forced to marry someone because of social security. Likewise, in his short story” News of The Engagement”, the writer Arnold Bennett in the last paragraph, reveals to his readers the most surprising news that the narrators mother was getting married. The narrator who came home to surprise his mother by telling her about his own love affaire and planes to get engaged, gets surprised himself when he is told about her mother being desired by someone. This shows the importance...
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