Regret by Kate Chopin

Topics: Marriage, Woman, Protagonist Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: October 14, 2008
Kate Chopin, the author of “Regret”, was born on February 8, 1850, in St. Louis, Missouri. She was born to Thomas and Eliza O’Flaherty, as Katherine O’Flaherty. Chopin’s father died in a train accident when she was five years old and she grew very close to her mother and great grandmother. She was one of seven children, and she outlived every one of them. At the young age of nineteen, she met and married a man by the name of Oscar Chopin. They were married in 1870, and moved to New Orleans. In 1882, after his cotton business failed, Oscar Chopin developed Swamp Fever and died in 1883. The family’s plantation had been moved to northwestern Louisiana, and Chopin was suddenly a widow with six children. She originally started writing to cope with the pain of the losses she suffered in her life, but later tried to gain money to support herself and her children. Chopin was never able to earn much money from her publications, but instead earned her money from real estate she owned in Louisiana. Her novel, The Awakening, was criticized greatly because of its controversial topics of sex and feminism. The novel was not accepted during her time and many male reviewers were very harsh about their opinions of the story. Kate Chopin’s life ended at the age of fifty-three on August 22, 1904 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

In Kate Chopin’s time, women were extremely discriminated against. The women of the world did not have their own voices; they were expected to obey their fathers, and their husbands. Chopin was a firm believer in being your own person and although many of the women at this time weren’t brave enough to stand up for themselves and voice their opinions, Chopin did not let that stop her. In the short story, “Regret”, the main character is a woman that was never married and never had children. This lifestyle was not accepted during her time period and her stories were often criticized by believers of the traditional American life. Kate Chopin’s purpose for writing...
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