Explain the Impact of Technology on the Environment

Topics: Ecology, Affect, Personal life Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Technology is such a broad term, for technology is not only what first comes to mind like cell phones and computers. Technology is also the crafting of materials, pencils, pens, even your toothbrush is considered a form of technology. All of these objects that most of us use on a day to day basis has altered are lifestyles compared how the world was several hundred years ago. Sadly, the majority of technology has a reverse affect, more so on the environment. To start with, there is some technology that could potentially be a part of global warming. There are parts that make up objects that could cause the after affect to take a negative effect. For instance, technology dates as far back as the Stone Age, when man discovered how to make fire, believed be approximately 1.4 million years ago. In fact, no one could have thought back then that fire, including its wood burning technology could create an impact on today’s natural environment through its greenhouse gas emissions. Cavemen created some of the first technology, such as fire axes and spears. As time went on technology advanced and even though they seem to make life easier for us after affects take a turn for the worse on the environment. Another fact to consider, is todays mode of transportation. For example In Sidan over 2,000 new cars are on the road each day, the more cars there are the more gases there are being released into the atmosphere. This harms society through the chain affect involving the environment. It starts with just normal global warming, then the people of the world are not recycling and not conserving there electricity. All of these bad habits, are worsening life as we know it. Sadly not...
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