How Does Technology Affect Society

Pages: 4 (829 words) Published: December 14, 2014

Technology is something that has affected the way of living for the whole world's population. It's not completely clear if it has affected the population in a positive or in a negative way. Technology specially affected the ways of communication we use nowadays and has changed our perspective of the world. Going back to the 19th century where the first telephone was invented and later on the production of successful commercialized telephones in the late 19th century, this use of technology used to improve the long distance communication had a really positive impact in society. Later on, technological devices for communication were improved and the printing press and 19th century telephones were left behind. Nowadays, the presence of new media...

There has been some robs in the neighborhood since few weeks ago, and as George has never seen this kid before and he knows the whole neighborhood he found the situation a bit suspicious as the teenage boy was looking from side to side and staring at the houses pretty suspiciously. He went out of the car and went to talk to Trayvon asking him what we has doing in that area on the middle of the night to what Trayvon didn't answer and just asked the following question of why he was following him. There was a fight between them two where Trayvon was hitting the watch coordinator almost to death and george didn't have any other way to get out of this than shooting the 17 years old teenager to death. Later the police officers came to the crime scene and found George Zimmerman covered in blood with a broken nose and the back of his head completely full of scratches. This story shows that George Zimmerman was innocent of the murderer as he just shot the gun on self defense. The framing used in this story was to defend George Zimmerman to what the audience reacted positively to it, but the African American public didn't react positively to this news as well as Trayvon Martin's family who defended their son and were completely sure that his son would not have gone into a violent fight with the watch coordinator of the neighborhood and less in that situation where Trayvon was 60 feet away from his backyards door. There were a lot of manifestations against this case from the African American community which caused a more detailed investigation of the...
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