Expert Teaching

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 7 (2770 words) Published: July 6, 2010
This essay seeks to focus on two main concepts that have influenced my thinking in regards to my own teaching career. My personal interest in the two concepts have opened up a window of opportunity for me to critically evaluate the overlapping influences that have impacted my teaching as a new born lecturer in adult education. First; I will evaluate the concept of an “Expert teacher” and secondly; I will compare and contrast the values underpinning “Critial Reflection” and its relation to the notion of expert teacher as held and practiced in the context I have worked in as an Early Childhood lecturer in the Tonga Institute of Education. The notion of an expert teacher has a strong influence on my own personal belief, mainly because I don’t necessary agree with the concept itself and its relation to teacher performances. My own personal belief has lead me to question wheather the concept of an “expert teacher” should really be acknowledged as a concept that deeply defined varies quality we see in teachers. Thus, it does not convinced us that being an expert indicates quality to practice. However, this course has given me an oppoutunity to uncover many findings and researches that will help me understand more deeply this conflict but rather interesting concept. In fact, there are number of researchers who have attempted to define the word “Expert teacher”, and in one way or another have tried to analyse pieces that will focus on wider dimensions that prioritise additional models that will successfully bring out the true definition of an expert teacher. Grasping the concept means in its totality is not easy and I feel that teachers will often be happy with a good working definition that meet their immediate needs as well as their students. In saying that , I strongly believe that we cant ignore that the notion of expert teacher vary from context to context depending on the values, philosophical and political beliefs and meanings of each context. On the other hand, each and everyone of us have our own definition , thus many pieces of a large puzzle must be assembeled individually by each person wishing to become an expert teacher . This include applying knowledge and careful reflection to assemble the puzzle. The word expert is defined in the Encarta Dictionary (English U.K ) “as somone with a great deal of knowledge about, or skill, training or experience in a particular field or activity”. To me, this definition does not necessary say much about making a difference in someone’s life or leading a person to be successful . Of course it looks at a very skillfull and knowledegable person, but don’t really admit that these skills and knowledge should be shared and passed on to others. However, I believe that the word “expert” is a term that must be defined carefully to embrace differences and accounts in any field espacially teacher performances and how they cater for their students learning needs. If it is not, then the term assumes a global definition that might be centred on teachers own title, qualification and proffesionalism, and not so much on how successfully they help and influence their learners to achieve their goals. A more reliable definition of an expert teacher has been shared by Allyn and Bacon (2002) in their presentation. They veiw an expert teacher as a person who have a broad base of knowledge and experience, who can motivate students and manage their behaviour and most importantly being a creative and reflective teacher. This definition sees an expert teacher as something that evloves over time. It develops many qualities that enable teachers to work productively and efficiently in the classroom environment. I have personally picked the following definitional models due to two main convincing ideas and views that have shaped my own personal belief about what really is an expert teacher. Firstly, I truly believe that the notion of an expert teacher is...
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