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A man once said…

“ A man once said to the universe: Sir do I exist However, replied the universe the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation”. The great Philosopher Stephen Crane explained his work in existentialism by writing this quote. Existentialism is the philosophy and cultural movement that holds the starting point of philosophy. Thinking must be the individual and experiences of the individual. The quote that Stephen crane wrote, talks about how just because he exist the universe isn’t going to change just because you only exist. Your te one that has to give your life meaning. The philosophy of existentialism does not have a specific school or books. But it is a way of living your life as you want but still knowing what the consequences are. The most important human activity is decision making. Through our choices, we create our lives and become ourselves when you wake up every morning you think for yourself and make your own decision using your own thoughts and actions. No one lives forever therefore make your time worthwhile enjoy your life how you like to live it don’t let anything or anyone make decision for you. Today’s living is much commercialized. It’s all around you and always trying to convince you to do what they want, and buy what they want. The movie “ Fight Cllub” is based off of the theory of existentialism. As the movie starts tyler durden is just going through the motions of living life. He keeps the same routine day in and day out. He goes to work. He hates his boss. But never has the courage to stand up for him self he does whatever the boss tells him to without questioning her. Then he goes back to his apartment that he has identical to the ikea magazine. All of his furniture, carpets, cups, covers, and chairs exactly as the pictures on the ikea magazine. He’s sitting back letting the commercializing life take over him. He doesn’t know who he is. As the movie proceeds tyler durden starts getting fed up of how...
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