Executive Summary for Bakery (de Heaven Bakery)

Topics: Food, Marketing, Nutrition Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: January 7, 2011

2.1 Summary of the Business Nature
De’Heaven Bakery is established because of higher demand and strategic place. Our company have an own head specialized to always keep in track with the good product. Our company provides spacious space in order to make the customers to feel relaxed and enjoyed. Paradise Bakery will offer customers with a wide variety of thing from bread and cake will be operating as a bakery. It will provide many kinds of bread and cake. Our ideal customers are many. This is come from Airlines Company, hotels, super market and many more. Our prices and convenience are reasons to visit our shop. Our customers will visit us for several reasons. First is the quality of the food at affordable price. Besides that, we have special meals which are related with fruits. It is healthy meals, diet food and suitable for those that care about healthy. In addition, we see many of the main bakery’s owners are Non-Muslim, so we are the one is provide the true and trust product. Moreover our company are develop by Muslim and guaranty Halal.

2.2 Form of Ownership.
Paradise Bakery will be as a partnership. Financially, we could not open Paradise Bakery without each others. Each partner will serve as a manager in the our bakery shop which is consist of floor manager, CEO manager, marketing manager, financial manager, operating manager, and human resource. The leader is Norain and for inventors, Syaima’ and Nik Nurul. The inventors will be treated as shareholder and therefore will not be liable for more than their individual personal investment. Our knowledge and experience in food and bakery services, combined with our connections to the community, will make this business a sound investment and gain more profit.
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