Excel Logistic Service Essay

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Excel Logistics Services is a company that is in charge of 7 companies’ distribution and storage of goods. Specifically the company is Sprinflied Warehousing and Distribution Center which has many problems and errors in their processes, which is generating customer dissatisfaction. The major problem of this company lies in the bad offices, whether of quantities or wrong merchandise. This company has several flaws and yet, promising guests a quality of service that it was impossible to maintain. For all these problems and errors that were inspiring in this company, CEO Margolis, who decided to implement a new system structure, which was to outline each of the processes in numerical and percentage tables where you could reflect the exact point which produces the largest number of problems within the processes. The processes that were raised were 4: the process of receiving, storing, filling orders and shipping. Once these processes well structured, implemented a 45-day study in the process of receiving, as if they had errors from this process, so therefore all other processes also have flaws, resulting in a poor customer service. In the first process involved receiving some actors such as: the driver, the guard, the auxiliary winery, the winemaker, and the person entering the goods in the system. Each has its own function, ie the guard is responsible for opening the doors to the driver of the trailer and make sure everything runs as it should, the driver is responsible to bring the trailer with all the goods to the distribution center, the auxiliary is who download the trailer, storing and will also make the registration of goods in the system. After these 45 days resulted in statistics that the maximum number of errors were concentrated in bad received, receiving and counting the merchandise. I also note that many problems there are a number of shortcomings. With respect to the kind we see as poor structuring of the company, the lack of...
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