Examples of Book Review

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Example of Book Review
The Ka, a novel

An example of book review writing can be found listed with most books sold on the Net and on the writer’s Web sites.

A good sample book review would pertain to writing your personal feelings about a book that you’ve read.
Writing a book review is not to be confused with writing a summary of a book. Writing a summary is a totally different matter and that will be covered eventually in my Articles section.
In my opinion, no real format exists for writing book reviews. Writing help may not be needed. An example of book review variations is shown below.
Some rules do apply, however, and you will see that they are loose and easy to apply.
On this page, you will find reviews pertaining to my paranormal Egyptian fantasy novel, The Ka. You can also…
Read and analyze the first chapter of The Ka.
Read and analyze the lengthy character list for The Ka.


Some Dos and Don’ts of Writing Book Reviews
Do ~

State how you feel about the story overall.
Did you get emotionally involved?
(Sample: I cried at the ending. What happens to the main character is something I can easily relate to.)
Point out what you liked about the plot.
The setting. The season. Time period. The writer’s ability. Anything that moved you.
(Sample: The descriptions of the costumes during the time period came alive for me.)
Talk about your favorite character.
Do you love a certain character or were they the type you love to hate?
(Sample: The villain in this story was so real, I couldn’t help hating him.)
Tell if the author writes a great tale.
Have you read this author before? Would again?
(Sample: This story was fantastic from beginning to end. Really breathtaking. I’ll definitely check out this author’s next book.)
Be careful what you say.
Comment on the book, not the writer.
(Sample: This was an interesting book, but not what I expected from this great writer.)
Recommend the book.
Of course,

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