Examples of Behavior and Sources of Conflict

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Behaviorism Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: July 6, 2013
* Attitudes Affect Actions
* Attitudes predict behavior, and persuasion is the means by which we attempt to change attitudes to change behavior * External situations may also influence behavior
* Attitudes can still influence behavior when outside influences are not so prominent * Actions Affect Attitudes
* Our attitudes represent one of the three divisions described in modern psychology: The cognitive, the behavioral, and the affective * Classically, these divisions have also been referred to as the ABC model of attitudes in psychology, using the terms "affective," "behavior," and "cognition." Our attitudes, behaviors, and cognition all influence each other, but our behaviors and attitudes have a particularly strong relationship * Our attitudes and behaviors can influence each other in a cyclical manner five stages conflict

(1) potential opposition or incompatibility (2) Cognition and personalization (3) intentions (4) Behavior (5) Outcome. Stage 1: Potential opposition or incompatibility: The first step in the conflict process is the presence on conditions that create opportunities for conflict to rise. These cause or create opportunities for conflict to rise. These causes or sources of conflict have been condenses into three general categories – (1)Communications (2) Structure (3) Personal Variables. (1)Communications: Different words connotations, jargon insufficient exchange of information and noise in communication channel are all antecedent conditions to conflict. Too much communication as well as too little communication can rely foundation for conflict. (2)Structure: The term structure is used, in this context to include variables such as size, degree of specialization in the tasks assigned to group members, jurisdictional clarity, members/ goal compatibility, leadership...
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