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Brandy Alexander
July 12, 2014
Jennifer Shultz

Attitudes and behaviors are formed due to the organized society that we are born in to. Behaviors, attitudes and beliefs can be passed on from generation to generation. It doesn’t matter what country you are born in to, there are already a set of established rules, culture, beliefs, standards and expectations that are present that we are supposed to abide to. We all play roles, whether it is socially or in a group environment, your role is dependent upon the behavior that you exhibit. The three main components of attitudes are the belief component, emotional component and action component. We will discuss all of these topics further in the text, because attitudes and behaviors are a huge part of who we are. Attitudes are beliefs and emotions about a person, subject, and topic or object that result in a positive or negative feeling or emotion on the subject. Attitudes and behaviors go hand in hand, someone’s attitude is usually reflected by their behavior. For example, someone who exemplifies bad behavior may reflect negative attitudes towards most things and vice versa. Attitude is usually expressed through your emotions and actions. For instance, let’s say that you go in for a day of work and you don’t have a smile on your face, you slam a book down on your desk and your tone of voice comes off as frustrating. These behaviors that you exhibit tell people that you have a bad attitude and this is determined by the behaviors that you exhibited. The belief component of your attitude is your beliefs about a particular topic or issue. For example, if your beliefs on the topic of abortion is negative you will probably be more likely to have a bias attitude when the topic is brought up. When the topic is at discussion it will persuade you to either feel more deeply about your position or change the way you are feeling at the moment and time and bring out some...
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