Example of a Project Charter

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Project Charter
5 January 2011
Project Title : New REX Machine
Project Start Date : 1st March 2011
Project Manager : Lisa Strong email : lisas@consultant.com Project Background:
Phoenix Publishing is a company that prints training manual for various customers. Their manuals are relatively small, an average of 50 pages. The printing of these manuals are done on every desk of their staff members using hired equipment of printers and photocopying machines. The administrative assistants then manually make copies, collate and staple them before distributing to their various clients. Over the years, their manuals have been on demand and Phoenix Publishing has recruited more administrative staff to help cope with the photocopying, printing and collating of these manuals. Project Scope:

Administrative assistants at Phoenix Publishing spend on average 3 hours a week sorting and stapling printed manuals. REX will automate these processes. By automatically collating all manuals, REX will save the company labour costs and also save a total of 260 hours annually. Roles and Responsibility

Name| Role| Position| Contact Details|
Mr J.Maff| Sponsor| CEO| jmaff@Phoenix.com0712300200|
Mrs N.Maff| Sponsor| Marketing| nmaff@Phoenix.com0772200300| Mr M. Mass| Implementor| IT| mmoyo@Phoenix.com0733600233| Mr B. Sugar| Customer| Trainer| shuva@trainers.co.zw0712501201| Mr.T Tucker| Staff| Head of Admin| ttawona@Phoenix.com0772555444|

This business case recommends purchasing Rex 5 in 1 printer/collator/photocopier/fax/scan machine. This automation process improvements resulting from REX should increase productivity throughout Phoenix Publishing. This project will enable Phoenix Publishing to realise a net present value of $13 530 in three years.
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