Example of Well-Structured Ielts Task 2.

Topics: Harvard University, 21st century, Ivy League Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: With the help of technology, student nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the 21st century, technology has become a crucial part of our life. Some of these technologies have been widely applied in education, although, not everyone is aware of their existence and usage. It is agreed that technology has helped student consume more informations efficiently. This will be proven by analyzing how students can multitask their activities and achieve even higher grades.

Firstly, with the help of technology students can do other activities without sidelining their schoolwork. Take Ivy League universities, for example. Ivy League universities, such as the prestigious Harvard University, tend to push their students to participate in an interschool competition. This is possible with the help of technology that makes student works more efficiently and capable to multitask. Thus, the idea of technology has helped students do more work at the same time is plausible. As this shows, it is proven that technology has brought many benefits to students.

In addition to this, the aid given by technology to student has an impact on the increasing of the student’s overall grades. To illustrate this, a survey in 2010 proved that student grades in the USA have been rocketing by 43% ever since the 80s, the year when the Internet has not been invented yet. Thus, the effect the Internet has on students' overall achievements is clear. As this shows, technology has helped students the world over to work more efficiently.

As the above ideas have shown, it has been argued that technology is an integral parts of students' life. It is predicted that this phenomena will continue for an indefinite time.
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