Example Definition Essay on Bullying

Topics: Bullying, Victim, Self-esteem Pages: 3 (510 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Kaitlyn Acred
English Comp. 1
Mrs. Vicki Collins
24 February 2014
Example Essay
Bullying is one of the main issues our world has today. It is most common in our schools and work places. There are many different types of bullying, from cyber bullying to verbal bullying. Bullying in any form is wrong and can cause major problems in the victim’s life. The main forms of bullying are cyber bullying, verbal bulling, and covert bullying. Cyber bullying is becoming the most common type of bullying. Cyber bullying is when someone gets online and talks bad about someone else. It can range from subtweeting to posting videos or other hurtful things of someone else. Subtweeting is when you reply to someone’s tweet without sending it directly to them. You know who you are talking about as well as everyone else but the person you are talking about doesn’t necessarily know. Cyber bulling is one of the most hurtful ways to bully because everyone sees it rather than the person directly confronting you. Verbal bullying is another type of bullying. Verbal bullying is when someone puts other people down by using harmful words and tones. Name calling is the most common form of verbal bullying when it comes to younger children and it cause many children to feel uncomfortable at school. Harsh tones and rude comments are more common among teenagers and adults but all verbal bullying can be hurtful to the victims. Verbal bullying may cause the victims to feel no sense of self-worth and may lower their self-esteem. The third most common type of bullying is covert bullying. This type of bullying contains the “little” things that people do such as: rolling or cutting your eyes at someone, choosing to ignore people or intentionally avoiding people that may be different than you. This type of bullying may not seem like a big deal but it hurts the worst. Not letting someone join in on a game that you and a friend are playing may not seem that mean to you but it can really hurt...
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