Examine the Reasons for, and the Effects of, Changes in Family Size over the Past 100 Years or so.

Topics: Family, Sociology, Marriage Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 5, 2013
What is meant by “neo-conventional family” (2)
The neo-conventional family, created by Chester, symbolise the change from Traditional nuclear family to his idea of neo conventional where there are two parents whom enter the relationship equally of child bearing and finical activity.

Explain the difference between “expressive” and “instrumental” role? (4marks) The terms expressive and instrumental role were introduced into functionalism to represent the meaning of the ideal family. “Expressive” was the caring and emotional role of a house wife. Whereas instrumental role was the economical father whom worked for the family.

Identify three of the type of family diversity described by rapport and rapport. (6marks) 1)Organisational diversity- how family is structured e.g nuclear, extended, lone-parent

2)Cultural diversity- different commons from different norms and values in different cultures.

3)Class diversity- how different types of families are affect by social class. E.g children whom go to boarding schools than poorer schools hold a different relationship with parents.

Using material from item A and elsewhere assess sociological explanations of the nature and extent of family diversity today (24 marks) family diversity is the idea that there are a range of different family types, rather than a single dominant one like the nuclear family. It is associated with the post-modernists idea that in today’s society increasing choice about relationships is creating greater family diversity. The biggest causes to diversity is arguably social change. For example divorce rates have increased dramatically from 1960. The recent statistics of divorce show that 42% of marriages ended in 2012. This can be down to many factors such as how government laws have made it easier to divorce a partner for instance 1984 British law changed allowing divorce to take place from 3 years of marriage to 1 year, this had a domino effect in society with an increase of...
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