Postmodern views on diversity of the family

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Postmodernism Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Outline and Evaluate postmodern views on the diversity of family (33marks) The idea of family diversity suggests that there is no dominate type of family, therefore none can be considered as the norm. However there are studies to suggest that in historical periods of Britain like when it was industrializing there is dominating types, in this period it was considered to be the nuclear family. Rapoport and Rapoport agreed that there are five types of diversity in a contemporary family, these are: Organisational, Cultural (ethnic), Class, Cohort and Life Course. Organisational diversity refers to kinship patterns and the domestic division of labour, adding to this it is also the structure of the family-whether it is reconstituted or extended for example. Cultural diversity in Britain occurs because of ethnic minority, cultural diversity is the structure of these ethnic minority families. A stereo-typical look into an Afro- Caribbean family would show that they are often single-parent families with the mother being the main source of care and socialisation to the children. The third type of diversity Rapoport et al showed was Class, it is clear that wealth and income has affected things like housing, room size/number, financial problems and holidays, for example. The final two types of diversity are Cohort and life course, cohort is the idea that family is affected those born in the same year (or band of years). Such individuals may well have a shared experience of historical events, for example, the introduction of comprehensive schools, or the introduction of the birth control pill. Finally life course is individuals within families can vary greatly. This can reflect choice or circumstance. This covers such factors as the number of children, the spacing of the children, divorce, remarriage, widowhood. Another study carried out by Bonnerjea and Eversley point to a link between family type and locality – that specific patterns of family life are found in...
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