Examination Stress

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How To Overcome Examination Stress?

Children and young people today confront many challenges – both personal and systemic. The dawn of the new millennium and the 21st century have brought about a host of changes in the way we transact our lives evoking both anguish and hope. It is strongly felt that while education is an ongoing process of improving knowledge and skills, it is also the primary and an exceptional means of bringing about personal development.

It is essential that all people with a sense of responsibility turn their attention to both the aims and the means of education.

The prevalent system in the country lays a strong emphasis on public examinations as an important event and milestone in a child’s life. Come February-March - the time of school public examinations, everybody gets worked up especially students and only to a very small extent the teachers and parents - as examination results are also a measure of their performance! Who amongst them manifests the examination stress the most, differs depending on a host of factors and their mental make-up. How can one overcome the examination phobia not only to face them calmly and confidently, but also come out unscathed and triumphantly is the question? Let us attempt the answer.

First of all, the appreciation needs to percolate down the system, among all stakeholders that all children are able, however differently. One needs to set realistic goals within the given structure and parameters, for both career and results of the assessment depending on one’s natural aptitude and ability. Schools and the environment at home play a very important role in this. Hypersensitivity to a particular event in our lives (in this case examinations) is neither desirable nor appropriate. Being too anxious, concerned or worried is not a suitable state of mind for tackling examinations. One needs a quiet confidence, borne out of adequate preparation to face the examinations. Undue anxiety is counter-productive. Fear, more imaginary than real will sap the energy that is to be used for intelligent learning and only moderated rigour acts as a motivation to study.

Undue stress can bog anybody down. Stress can be harmful physically as well. It can physically manifest itself as - increased heartbeat and breath, sweating palms, nervous attitude etc. Cases of students who have become too nervous during examinations have been reported. Students cut down on their sleep and intake of food to get into a desperate mode of study. These are likely to be dangerous. The human brain functions best when the mind is calm and the body is healthy. Thus it is advisable not to succumb to this recipe for disaster. Tips to overcome examination stress:

Taking examinations is not an easy task. Remember, everybody, your teachers, parents and all generations before them have gone through this and, there is no escaping from them. What is different today? Help is at hand. We have compiled a few positive tips to help you battle the stress and ease yourself through the examination period.

|Do this… |Because… | |Find a study and revision |No two people revise the same way. A mix of reading, talking, writing and testing could all be | |style that works for you |necessary, so try to find out what works best for you and make the most it. | |Take time out to relax |Although you might feel guilty not revising for every hour up until the start of an examination, too | | |much studying can have a detrimental effect. Taking time out to relax for an hour or so and short breaks| | |every now and then will not only keep you calm, but will train you to remember key details when you | | |return to the books....
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